Hello world!

So, here’s my first actual ‘blog’. I’ve had a Tumblr, and a small little flirtation with one of those blogs that you could make off of Google a couple of years ago (not to mention the Xanga I kept religiously when I was younger… but there are some things too embarassing for polite company).

This is going to be both a personal blog and a ‘writing’ blog. I’m really into writing poetry and I’ve been dabbling into the world of fiction and I thought it might be fun if I wrote down the processes that I’m going through to try to get published- the writing blocks, the different writing prompts that help me through them, the different ways I’m editing my manuscripts, my failure and my successes. My hope is that while I might be able to help a view new writers out there with what I write, I might also benefit from the rich writing community online in our shared journey to the immortality of verse.

On top of those, I’ll also be posting lines from some of my favorite writers, both current and canon, maybe some inspirtational quotes here and there and some blurbs about what’s going on in my life if I think it would be interesting enough for other people to hear. I’m looking forward to how this will work out!

With love,



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