Finals! Get ‘Em Done, Son!

So I’m going into that infamous week of college that every student dreads more than Judgement Day- Finals week! To be honest, though, I’ve picked the easiest two majors finals-wise. Everything is a paper! I’m pretty good at writing papers. I can gather lots of facts and articles to use, pull from my extensive knowledge about random books/religious writings, and take my own time when writing them instead of being crammed into a two-hour sweat session while my professor stares at me bored as hell and wondering why he/she even planned this kind of crap.

This round of finals I had two ten-page papers (for religion, I had the same professor for both classes) which are already finished and turned in. I had one sit-in exam for Latin, which I took yesterday and aced. Today, I will be tackling a research paper for World Literature, a revision of a previous paper for British Literature, and a take-home exam also for Brit Lit. I’ll be done with my finals as of tonight and finals week hasn’t even started! Which means I’ll be spending most of my well-earned free time until my check-out time being bored off my butt while the rest of my friends are diligently studying for their science and math finals (my college is mostly pre-med and nursing students), until I finally buckle and go help my boyfriend study for his tests for sheer lack of things to do.

I’ll most likely end up watching endless episodes of Once Upon a Time and Kimi ni Todoke, combined with endless scroll Tumblin’ and Facebook creepin’ like a boss. Wish me luck!


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