Highlands Ranch by Amber Koneval

We are the bubble people

Encased in our dreams

With money flowing from our pockets

Seeing life with rose-tinted glasses

With roses in our ears

And in between our teeth

We are the beautiful people

Who don’t know what it’s like

To be dirty, torn and left behind

This is how you see us

We who hide in our glass houses

We of the high pedestal

Who have so far to fall

Our society and authority

May be blind

But we are not

For we, the bubble children

Have seen all that’s been exiled

With our parent’s money

We eat our lives away

As we stand face to face with vanity

And feel so lonely that it’s sick

With needles in our veins

We forget to feel

And we don’t get caught

We’re allowed to slowly kill ourselves

Because we, the bubble children

Could never do what we are doing

And when we’re hanging from the rafters

Or having pills pumped from our hearts

They seem oh so surprised

When we all knew what was happening

Behind the gilded doors

But who are we to speak out

Us perfect, shining bubble people

They clamp their hands over our mouths

Like the boys in the rear seats

We are entitled to take everything

Because our blood is rich

And ‘no’ means less than air

For our reputation means more to them

Then our innocence and virginity

As long as no one hears the evil

Then there is none

But tell that to the girl

Who knows porcelain bowls as friends

And tell that to the jock

Who knows what its like to sweat and bleed

To please everyone but himself

To the bubble kids in jail

Hidden in ditches

Hidden in rehab

To the bubble kids in homes

Covered with bruises

From fists, and booze and words

Tell us that we know nothing of pain

Tell us that we know nothing

And its true that we know nothing of you

But we are the bubble people

And we didn’t ask to be

You may have the world to fight in

But we only have each other

And we’re eating each other alive

Because you put us on this pedestal

Hemmed in all our secrets

And we, the bubble children,

Know what it’s like to be trapped

Amber Koneval

-Published in Farsighted (2009)


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