Phrenology by Amber Koneval

If you touched my head

felt the scalp beneath the colony of hair

burrowing beneath it with your fingers

like little burrowy beasts

lifting up the curtain of hair to feel

the bumps and lumps of my skull

the hardness of the bone beneath the soft

tender flesh

what would you find?


If you peeled back the skin

cracking open my cranium like a brittle,

bitter egg

would there be a mess of white-and-gray


or would it spill out ink?


ink of every color

from every page of life

and the light that scares the darkness

in the recesses of my lesions

spiders dancing up my spinal cord

spinning their webs of rainbow

and crystal

and a silvery rose substance

linking brain tissue to my soul

enveloping my thoughts in hopes

and daydreams

holding captive the loves that

I cherish

above life, limb and sanity

above country and land

would you find the hand of God

caressing my action potential

guiding electrical charges

to my waiting, obediant limbs?


if you broke open my head,

if you searched my exposed mind

could you find my heart?

Amber Koneval

-published in Farsighted (2010)



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