Happy Third Sunday of Advent!

Only two weeks to go ’till Christmas!

Speaking of, last night I went to a Christmas party over at a friend’s townhouse we had this Secret Santa exchange (my person gave me a gold necklace when I can’t wear gold but my best friend got me a Sally mug from the Disney store so I’m super psyched), played the Post-It game (my boyfriend made me Tantor from Tarzan, the little snot), and then drank some cider and amber ale (that’s legal for me to drink, right? It’s got my name on it!) until we all got too tired to speak anymore. It’s telling that the party was supposed to last till eleven and everyone was out of there by 10:40.

Seriously. After the first three weeks of the semester I don’t see how anyone has the energy to get shwasted every night like I know some kids here do. I know the nursing students never go out after their junior year because of their clinicals, so maybe its the result of them trying to get it all out of their systems now? But they still have to keep their grades up to even get into the nursing program, so that’s a shoddy way of doing things.

I also never feel real inclined to party all night when I have a boyfriend. It just turns into a night where I have to be extra careful about drunk guys hanging on me (when I’m single, I don’t have to worry about what my boyfriend might think so I don’t really care), or whole groups of people won’t come up to talk to me because they’re afraid my boyfriend is going to eat them or something. Which I don’t get. He’s the least intimidating person I know, at first glance. I mean, I know he could totally hold his own if he needed to but he doesn’t particularly look like a fighter. He’s not scrawny he’s just…. so nice looking. He’s like one gigantic harmless smile.

And then you get the females who hate that my boyfriend chose me and/or are bitter that they themselves don’t have a date and then they latch onto groups of people and steer them away from me and my boyfriend because they have self-esteem issues and just have to ruin everyone else’s night because of it…

And then you get no real reason to rage when you’re in a relationship! It doesn’t bother me at all, its just something I’ve noticed. We still party, but we party in smaller groups and we don’t stay out as late and we definitely don’t drink as much. We opt out and go do stuff like walking around the Mall or going to dinner or going ice skating or doing a groceries run or staying in and watching a movie or going out dancing with our friends. My boyfriend is much too adventurous to make me stay in with him all the time, which is a first, but we’re not adventurous like most college kids would term it. Not anymore.

Makes me feel like I’m in my mid-twenties, getting ready to settle down. Which I would be totally okay with.  But I gotta graduate first!


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