Killjoy by Amber Koneval

make noise

throw your hearts into the air

on the tips of your fingers

this is what you’ve been waiting for

isn’t it?


stamp the shining, shaking floor

until you can’t even see it

drowning in a sea of

outstretched arms

if you reach far enough, you can touch their


blooming in their mouths

with the screams of angels


spew the pollen

dust it off of the strings on your guitar

blow on the microphone

watch it settle on their wrists

making their foreheads sparkle

with sweat

their eyes are shining with the reflections

of a Chemical Romance

not just mine,

but mine and ours


sing the words you didn’t write

your dreams have always known them

turn your questions to the ceiling

and scream the songs you’ve never had

the courage to ask


You’re drowning in their dreams

not just mine, but ours

as they paint it black and cherry red

on the end of our noses

giving us a better beat to follow

give us our own cause to feed


play so loud you paint a blank

you play for us

you’ve come to see us

not the other way around


we are your cause to lead

so lead it

don’t ever let the ringing die in our ears


we’re keeping you alive, goddammit

so take our blood and juice it through your amps

and blast


blast away

My Chemical Romance

not just mine, but ours

Amber Koneval

-A poem I wrote after attending a My Chemical Romance Concert in the Spring of 2011. Since it’s so specific I doubt I will be able to publish it stand-alone in a literary journal, so I’ll post it here for everyone’s amusement.


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