A Glance of Myself: Monday of Finals










You know, I’ve realized that it’s hard for me to smile for pictures.

Something about staring into a robot eye and freezing there with my muscles twitching

is unsettling.

I prefer not to.

I would prefer to do this half-smile, half-cocked thing where only one corner of my mouth turns up

because then at least I look like I’m being a smart-ass instead of being fake.

It took me about an hour for the hair to take this picture

and probably twenty minutes to angle my face so that it wouldn’t look like I had this kind of

puffed up white balloon on my neck.

I spend a lot of time just trying to take a profile picture

that my mother would be proud of

but I’m not quite sure what there really is to be proud of



4 thoughts on “A Glance of Myself: Monday of Finals

  1. Wonderful ending.Should you read more of me/about me,most is based on living life,losses,and what I see and then I share.I have no desire to be published,yet get requests to do so.I have a bitterness towards editors from years ago.Thanks for posting.

  2. Ah yes, I have always resisted the smile in the face of a lifeless machine. I swore I would never force people to smile for pictures if they did not wish to…they say those wicked mechanisms steal your soul…


    Great thoughts

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