T-Minus 2 Days!

Until I get to go home. Or have to go home. I’m now sure how I feel about it at this point.

I’m excited to see my family but I’m not excited to have to leave my friends. Even more, I’m not excited for my boyfriend to go back to Oregon. I’m not sure when it became like second nature for me to see him all the time but even him not seeing me because he has to study for his final is becoming unsettling. It’s something I got to push through though- how else am I going to survive summer without him? Gah. This is just obnoxious.

So things that I have completed in my free time:

1) I have lost another pound! Whohoo only like ten more to go for my goal, but every little baby step counts.

2) I cleaned out all my binders

3) I put the treats (fudge, sugar cookies, spritz cookies) that I had baked and had been hoarding out in the lounge of my dorm hall with a note that everyone else is free to take as much as they want so that I don’t eat it all and lose all the progress I have made

4) Wrote a short, on the spot poem spurred by a prompt suggested by jsirrah

5) Watched Once Upon a Time (oh, my dear Sheriff) and up to episode nine of Kimi ni Todoke. Just found out the manga is still ongoing. Hello, new obsession.

6) Turned in most of my books

What I still need to do today:

1) Turn in the one book I forgot to turn in yesterday

2) Do my long work out

3) Shave my legs. I keep forgetting to do that.

4)Begin to organize all of my non-clothing items that I will be bringing home

5) Get all of my treats eaten so I can clean the tupperware.

6) Go to Finals Breakfast

7) Get a new writing prompt!

So how’s bout it? Anyone got a prompt for me today? I could probably go look one up in a book, but I think it would so much more fun if I got one from all of you!


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