Plans for the Future: Chapbooks

So I was thinking today

that there are two things that I write about, theme wise, that would go really well as chapbooks. The poems themselves would do really well in the over-all collections, but since these kinds of poems are generally dispersed within the full manuscripts (I compile a new one each year of around 80-100 of the best poems I’ve written that year- I write close to or over 200 each cycle.. I write almost every day), I feel like I could put these in chapbooks and still include them in full-sized manuscripts if need be.

1) I have a whole host of poems that I wrote when I went to Kenya, Africa on a mission trip (and even a couple from when I went to Juarez, Mexico) and I still write about my memories of that place every now and again. I would really like to see that published as a chapbook. I’m still working on a title for it, and I would need to go through my saved file of that, but I think it could work out- at least manuscript wise.

2) My religious poems. Most of them are too ‘controversial’ to submit to Christian publications but too Christian to submit as ‘mainstream’ poems and so I think that if I bound them all together, it could make something wonderful. Especially if I rearranged them all to create a kind of narrative. A title I have stuck in my head for it would be ‘Drunk Dialing the Divine’ which pretty much sums up my prayer life, and is the name of a poem that I would be including in the collection.

Compiling these two manuscripts are going to be my main goal for winter break.

That, and writing a new chapter for my ‘Lady of the New Nativity’  fiction series.

Let see how well I can stick to this plan…

Ah, well. Back to heavy metal and dorm cleaning.


2 thoughts on “Plans for the Future: Chapbooks

  1. Hi Amber, Good to find your blog. My husband and I sponsored children in Kenya for many years, through Compassion International. Now we contribute in a general way, as our lives shifted to the care of older loved ones. Blessings, Ellen

    • Kenya is a beautiful place! I still talk to a lot of the friends that I made down there via Facebook (it blows my mind that I have friends to talk to in another language, across a continent, in a whole different culture). I miss it there terribly, and hope to go back after I graduate college.
      I too sponsor a child in Kenya- his name is Kelvin. Could you perhaps pray for him in union with Compassion and my own efforts?

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