Tell Everybody I’m on My Way!

Whelp kids, this is it! Time for winter break- time for me to go home, rest for about four days, and then work long shifts every day until I just can’t wait to come back to the stresslessness of school. (I’ve got some pretty awesome classes lined up for next semester too… Latin, Shakespeare in Performance, Woodsworth, Jesuit Spirituality… oh! and I’ll officially be a junior)

I am really excited to see my family though. They said they’ve been working really hard on something in the house while I’m gone (which I think means they finished redoing my little sister’s bedroom) and I’ve only really got to celebrate my upcoming publication with my mum via phone, which is not half as fun as celebrating with the whole family in person.

And I get to be surrounded by my Christmas decorations, too. I love my Chrismas decorations. I have a snow village and like five nativity sets that are actually mine, but I set them up in my parent’s house for lack of anywhere else to put them, and I have been missing them hard lately. Oh! And I’ll get to go back to Mass at my home parish (I don’t during the school year, since I go to a Catholic college and so go every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at the chapel here and sacristan those masses) and I’ll be able to look through the back issues of the More Informed so that I can put the articles/poems I published there into my publication credits. (Hey, when you’re just starting out, you really gotta reach for everything you got).

Just gotta: do breakfast, pack my computer, turn in my World Literature final and then get checked out by my RA. I’m so psyched for today!


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