Bless Me, Barbie by Amber Koneval

How wonderful thou art

Thou plastic work of heart

Thou model of perfection

Thou wonderful confection

Bestow on me, oh glorious girl

The secrets of your perfect curl

The twinkle in your painted eye

The shapeliness of hard, cold thigh

The perkiness of rounded breast

There’s no need to describe the reat

Bless me, Barbie with your looks

In your holy tell-all books

Of how to turn from ugly beast

Into a beautiful eye feast

For this only do I long

To ascend from this dull throng

To be place upon that throne

That was made fo me alone

Celebrating woman’s beauty

From perfect head to perfect booty

Perfect goddess, I will obey

If only I might hear you say

That you will finally make me hot

Those poison words that mean a lot

For that’s all that a teen girl wants

Published in the Spring 2009 Issue of  Farsighted


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