Question for My You About: My First Video!

So I want to make a video of me reading one of my poems, just to kind of give you all a kind of feel for how I view my own poetry. I would release it for ya’ll on/right after Christmas- kind of like a present from me to you!

But I’m stuck in trying to figure out what I should read. Should I read just one of my own poems? Should I read someone else’s (something from one of my favorite poets?) Do you have any suggestions for how I should do it- would you rather see me reasing, or the text of the poem in the video?  Would you rather it be formal or more casual?

I’ll still make a video for all of you regardless this Christmas season- I just thought it would be nice to let you all have a say in it. (Kind of like being able to request an Amazon gift card versus an ugly beaver sweater from your distant, yet loveable, aunt).

I’ll be open to suggestions for it until Christmas, at which time I’ll be working on getting the video up onto YouTube and onto this site.


4 thoughts on “Question for My You About: My First Video!

    • Good suggestion! But I hold ALL my poems as dear as the next one (I usually have to have other people vote on what poems go into my manuscripts because I myself would just publish all of them because to me all of them are important). Which ones (from the Voice of Amber category) would you like to hear most? I’m constantly surprised by which poems of mine other people like versus which ones I thought people would like more.

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