Just finished putting together my chapbook manuscripts…

The religion poetry manuscript has 24 poems (28 pages including Title Page, Table of Content and long poems). The current working title is ‘Drunk Dialing the Divine’ after a poem of the same title within the collection.

The first Kenya manuscript has 18 poems (still need to make a title page and toc) and the working title is ‘Wangu Mti’ which means ‘My Tree’ and the poems all have a connecting theme of place and the nature of Kenya.

The second manucript has 22 poems and the working title is ‘Wangu Watu’ or just ‘Watu’ which means ‘My People’ or ‘The People’ and the poems are all about specific people or groups of people I met on my mission trip.

I had to split the two manuscripts up because together there’s around 40 poems, which is not long enough for a full-length manuscript but split is enough poems for two chapbooks.


So that makes currently:

3 chapbook manuscripts

1 full-length manuscript collection, split into different versions of 100+ poems, 74 poems and 62 poems.


Yes, I do write a lot.


(Let’s see how well this really all works out)


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