Use Templates in Your Essay by Amber Koneval

In discussions of x

one controversial issue has been

my inability to summarize

the T.V. screen behind your eyes

On the one hand, the system argues

that the mind is nothing more

than an unopened gourd

crack it on the paper, and drain the

ink that sloshes within the husk

like the humming of bees

and you’ll know everything you

need to know

about a man

On the other hand, the poets suggest

that the skull is more of a cage

gilded, and made out of the bones of saints

locked by the dionysian gods

the angels took the keys

and swallowed them

they praise God through the teeth

of our salvation

This implies that we write

peering into our own head

on the wrong side of iron bars

gilded by the Divine Hand

the filigree blocks the soul

from spilling into Truth

and the words we write

are quick, camera flashes

like people seen as the subway car

clatters past to eternity

on wings of crumbling stone

we wish to know ourselves

Which is complicated by the fact

that we are bought creatures

our minds are held from ourselves

and the pieces we capture

and pin to paper

with black, liquid needles

pricking history with its legacy

bleeding with inner ideas

through the years

dying slowly with each eye

that devours it and spits it out

Which leads us to conclude that we

leave the hunted parts of our mind

to slaughter

and to die

the living mind, snugly held

within our cages

protecting their metaphysics

behind their trappings

privy only to

a jealous, distrustful God

and His Host

Templates, in their starkness then

may seem as a barrier

but only if we ourselves

were barrierless, still

We who break them know no better

in our childish rebellion to


But are so delusional as to be


to our bars

We are prisoners

who have heard of nothing

of a world

without freedom

Amber Koneval

-Published in Apogee (2011)

-Won ‘Best Prose/Poetry’ in Apogee (2011)


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