The Ups and Downs

So I won’t be posting as often for the next couple of weeks because I’m back to work at my near-home retail job working eight hour shifts every day (even on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve). Which is good, because I need the money, but is a drag on my social life. I literally get up, go to work, come home,work out, play one hour of a video game to unwind, go to my room, do my yoga routine and then go to bed to be ready for the next day. I get Sundays off though! Yay!

Work today was interesting. I forgot how crazy retail can get today, which was compounded by the fact that pretty much everyone decided to bring their screaming child into the store and pretend like it wasn’t happening. And 85% of the people who came in were returning, rather than buying, which I know was probably one of the reasons why payroll got some major cuts next week. Thankfully, my hours weren’t cut badly, but I know other people that I work with really got the shaft because of it.

Working retail is really depressing.

But I got to see a couple of friends during my shift, so it wasn’t all bad.


On publishing progress- today I got one e-mail notifying me of rejection, and another one that completely ignored my submission (or just doesn’t mention my submission status) and just asked if I knew that one of my poems had a similar title to a John Denver song. Which was intentional, as it is a response to said John Denver song. I don’t know if this means that he likes the poem, or if he was just curious and is going to reject the whole submission anyhow.

Still, this IS the writing business. If you aren’t prepared to get back 95% or more of your submissions with rejection letters, then you better pick another career. Or be one hell of a writer.

Which means I just gotta grit my teeth and bear it. Perserverance always wins out, right?


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