Sorry For The Lack of Posting

But I’ve been at work the whole time.

My boss actually found out that I don’t go back to school until the 15th and rescheduled me everyday but Monday on the week I was going to have off.

Oh well.

At least now I’ll for sure be able to afford a car come summer!

And I got my mother to agree to let me get my tattoo over Easter break, as long as I prove to her that I do my research about my artist. I wanted to be able to get the pain part of the tattoo over with during this break, but at least she’s now promised a set date. I won’t let her back out of it this time!

I miss my boyfriend a lot too. He wants to come back to Colorado early just so he can be with me for a bit before we start classes again but I’ll be at work, yet again. I mean I don’ think that my mother, who adores him, would be adverse to having him around the house even when I’m not there but that’s got to be boring for the kid. Not to mention my little brother would have to give him room up yet again. Unless I could convince my mother to let him sleep in the basement with fifty thousand blankets since it’s cold down there. I really want him to come. I miss him so much.

Only two more weeks before break is over!

And I’m already so tired because of work that I almost don’t want to go out and party on New Year’s Eve.

I feel like I’m thirty years old. Even my joints have started creaking. Sometimes I wonder where my life is going.


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