Happy New Years! 2012

To all of my followers (and to those who just happen to be passing by) I wish a peaceful 2012.

May you find peace in your accomplishments- the big and the small- in the knowing that you have achieved what you have worked for.

May you find peace in your failures- the monumental and the nit-picky- taking consolation in knowing that all things have their time, and in acknowledging that every situation is an instance to learn and to grow.

May you find peace in your family- those you were born to and those that you have chosen- as they are a symbol of how connected we really are; all holds barred, no reservation, and fiercely dedicated.

May you find peace in your significant others- of all kinds- and rejoice in the miracle that is having someone to know who you really know yourself to be and celebrate in that being anyways.

May you find peace in your work-both for money and for love- and take pride in the work of your hands and your heart.

May you find peace in your times of rest-both for pleasure and for pain- that you may transform both kinds into times of restorative leisure and gratitude for not just this year, but the years that have passes and the years that are to come.

May you find peace in those who hurt you, and hate you, and keep you from your dreams- taking heart in the hope that your relentless forgiveness and love might be the one thing that can heal the hurt in their lives that provokes them into lashing out at others.

And may you find peace in the happiness of  being in it’s simplest, most honest form- whatever that means to you. For that is where peace is found.

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne


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