Lethal Potential by Amber Koneval

A couple of hours ago

the power went out



the power went out

and the message was sent

that armaggedon came to my house

that we were living like cavemen

on batteries

how primitive are we?

the power’s gone out.



The power went out

and I wanted so much to make a connection

to click that screen

to see your face

to see your smile dent in, like a broken car

like it meant something

if I couldn’t see it

and I tell myself that you care

that my power’s out



that you can’t see me too

but you left your phone at home

probably so you can’t see the whine in my desperation

I want someone’s arms

anybody’s arms

but yours would do the best

but the power’s out

and I can’t reach you




The power is out

and I’m writing this by the light

of a flashlight I once brought to find God

in a cowfield.

I left it in my pillowcase then

but I’m using it now because I found Him

in silences like these

and its rather stifling.

So I’ll swallow the bulb

banish the lonely holiness of night

because in all this quiet I begin to think



the power is out

and I am dangerous

I’m piling fear upon fear

like a child’s letter-boxes

but I can’t spell out the words

because I’m drowning in the what-ifs



The power is out

and so are all the secrets

I’ve been keeping from myself

I remember why I’m so loathsome

when I’m alone



the power is out.

I am afraid of the dark.

-Another unpublished piece, included in my second full book-length manuscript, written in 2011.


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