I Am An Aspergian by Amber Koneval

growing up, I’ve found

that I have something stuck in my eye

if you reach back and pinch

between your color and your cornea

I think you’ll find it itches when you know that it’s there


you feel it?

bending just beneath your iris

sucking in the light of day

and warping it, just so

or maybe twisting

maybe twinkling, perhaps distorting

I just don’t know


that is your lens, not mine


mine bounces the light

absorbing the fire so deep that it had no time

to reach down and pull up the corners

of my mouth

but it pokes out between the spaces in my teeth


and my head cannot hold it, so it runs down

my chin and bubbles out my ears

life is so exciting, don’t cha think?


not the people that pollute it

with their rolling,staring eyeballs

but the bright imagination

that shines like stars in the tall grass


so illogical, it’s all so illogical


it dazzles so that I can hardly think


and it changes


why are we wasting time with pleasantries

when there are gods to learn, words to dissect

facts to crack open on the rock

and spill into the sea

the world is sparkling and its sparkling for me

how can you not see it?


just the same way

that I cannot see through your lens

you are an alien to me, on the wrong planet

but put your hand in mine

cheek to cheek

we’ll align our eyes

until we circumference the atlantic

come on, people!

you can’t see the big picture

unless you reflect the lenses



we may be different, but why shouldn’t we be?

 Amber Koneval

-Another poem about my Asperger’s. Since it’s so specific, I have it included in my manuscripts but it won’t be submitted to specific journals.


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