Little Victories

So I wrote a poem the other day titled ‘Studying Wordsworth’ in which I took a play on words from my professor and turned it into a full blown poem about the nature of literary ‘taste’.

After much thought, I e-mailed this poem to said professor with the note that he didn’t need to comment or tell me if he liked it, I just thought it would amuse him.

Today, he sees me and goes ‘I really liked that poem’ and goes off about how he really liked my structural use of {brackets} in the poem (which I has been the most anxious to show him, since I loved it but didn’t know how he would feel about).

Just got an e-mail in which he called the poem ‘delightful’ and the brackets ‘effective’, with a request to send the poem to another professor in the English department who is also pretty much head of anything poetry TO WHOM HE HAD ALREADY BEEN TALKING ABOUT SAID POEM WITH.

Did I mention this specific professor is going to be celebrating co-editing Poetics Today (or something of a similar title) this week?

The fact that he liked the poem enough to show it to another professor, when both of them are pretty dead-serious about the quality of poetry they read even in their free time, is a big deal to me. It might not be in the long run, but it’s enough to keep me going with hope and fluttery little tummy-butterflies.

One step at a time, folks.


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