Just Saw Slam Nuba

You know the team that is currently #1 in the friggen world?

They just oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

Killed it.

(In a good way)


The night was MLK themed, and they chose their selections just beautifully. I have so many favorites I can’t even handle myself right now.

Of course, I did have problems with the constant yelling (something that seems prevalent in slam) but their messages were good and their wording was fantastic. One of the girls actually delivered a poem in a softer, sweeter voice and I was just about got knocked off my seat by that one.

I’m going to be writing my own response poem to this experience, called ‘The Irritability of Genius’


If you ever get the chance to see Slam Nuba perform do it. For the love of God, do it.


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