I didn’t know we could reblog, but I’m glad that I can! I like that this poem shows just how important it can be to force yourself to write every day. There are plenty of websites and pamphlets with prompts on them- why not try them out? Why not join a poetry club and challenge each other with new prompts and styles? It’s one of the best ways that you can get yourself to improve. (Click through to get to the original line breaks and such)

Andrew Mayton

I had made up my mind
that I would never ever go
on a search for a poem
to write—to always
let it find me first.

But not writing for so long
eventually gets to worrying me.

Maybe twice a day
I’ll end up searching my neck
for a pulse
with two fingers.

Maybe every morning
I’ll take a ruler
to the hairs on my head
and take careful note of their growth.

I’ll feel better when I find the beat
that is my thumping blood
or when I find my body
is falling apart as exactly it should.

I might even feel better
if I have my lips against hers,
that warm touch, indicative
of fully functional salivary glands.

But I won’t feel one hundred percent
assured that I am alive and awake
until I write something,
even if that something
is about not writing.

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  1. hi! i’m really overjoyed that you liked and reblogged this poem and i appreciate it greatly. although, is there any way you can edit the post so that the original line breaks are still intact?

    • It won’t let me edit your part 😦 which is good because then there’s no way I can claim that as mine. Hence why I added the little bits in the parenthesis- if they click on your name it takes you to your post with the original line breaks

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