Some Notes on my Progress

So I got my first response regarding my full-length manuscript, ‘Autobiography of a College Poet: Freshman Year’.

It was rejected, as I pretty much suspected it would.

Rather than just shrug it off, however, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to keep ‘tuning up’ my manuscript to make it more appealing to publishers- hopefully enough so to get it published.

So I’m regoing through each poem- retyping them, rechoosing them, pretty much resetting up the entire manuscript using the main collection of 124 poems that I have to choose from from last year.

I’m going to make three different versions of the manuscript- one with 100 poems, one with 80 and another with 60. I’m going to make sure I edit each and every poem going into this manuscript.

And I’m going to change the name. I believe the first name was too…. mouthy, even though I really liked it.

So I’d like ya’lls opinions:

What would you like the title of my manuscript to be:

a) Keep it the Same

b) Mass Media Mashup

c) I Am a Woman Writer

d) To My First Love, At Midnight

e) or should I think of something else?

(b and c are titles of poems in the collection, d is not in the collection for personal reasons but I love that poem nonetheless)


Alright. I’ll leave it to you folks. Have at it.



7 thoughts on “Some Notes on my Progress

  1. I often go for more surreal titles, if only for the fact that it snares your readers’ curiosity (hint the blog name). I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

    • I feel like that would only fit if i was more of a surrealist writer. I’m more of a simplistic, plain words writer. (Because of my autism, its actually impossible for me to get wildly abstract because I cannot understand it. It has to be logical from my viewpoint.) But that’s a nice idea.

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