2011/2012 Apogee!

Just received notice that I will be published once again in the Apogee (Regis University’s literary magazine). The poems ‘Laughter of the Spirit’, ‘The Stickiest Honey’ and ‘Making Ourselves Vulnerable’ will be published through it sometime before May. As soon as the magazine is printed, I will post the poems here on my website- and you, my followers, can help choose which one I will read and put on my Youtube channel!

For fun, why don’t I have ya’ll choose now which one you’d have me read based on a brief summary and titles alone:

‘Laughter of the Spirit’ is a poem that describes an experience of praying the rosary from a mystical standpoint.

‘The Stickiest Honey’ is a love poem.

‘Making Ourselves Vulnerable’ is about answering the question, posed in a religion class, about ‘what does the opening of a body have to do with God’?



(The one chosen will get a video reading like my other ones. Soon, I’m going to put up a video of me doing a reading at a school open mic- those are a lot more fun- and hopefully, if I get into a slam soon, I’ll put up video of that as well)


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