My First Duet Poem!


Here’s video of my friend’s poem ‘You Put the Sin in Synonym’ and my poem ‘Word Sexual’ performed as a duet at tonight’s open mic at Regis University.

The backstory:

My friend Peter likes to make fun of me for the ‘sexual imagery’ he finds rampant in my poems. His poem is about just that. My poem is in two parts- 1) calling him out for pointing out the imagery that I swear he makes up and 2) calling out to my current lover and dedicating my words to him. It is in no way supposed to be interpreted as me and him being in a relationship. Just to clear that up.

View it, comment on it, leave it some love or hate whatever you like. I was thrilled with the effect of it. It was actually not meant to be a duet- before this we have always read these poems as completely seperate. You be the judge of whether or not this worked out.


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