So Happy to Have My Computer Back!

So I have Cherry back now (the name of my computer, although she is blue..) and I’ve been able to get everything back on a normal schedule!

Today I submitted to a bunch of different literary magazines and sorted through my lists. At the end of April I’ll be compiling all of the poems that I have written from last May until now until a huge collection and send the unedited version to my English professors (a tradition of mine) to just read for kicks and giggles. I’ll then get down to whittling that collection down to it’s best pieces and create a main manuscript, and then varying length versions of it (one with 100 poems, one with 80 etc). I’m currently thinking of naming this next one ‘Synonym Girl’ after a comment made on my last video. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it just seems like a title that would fit well.

My plan with this, up to now, has been that hey, I write enough poems for a book every year so I might as well create manuscripts and send them out see if I get any nibbles. Do I think that they are going to be accepted right away? Heck no I don’t. Do I think I might get lucky? A girl can have dreams. Realistically I know that my best chance for anything of mine being published in book length is to take the manuscripts from all four years of college, combine them and then pick only the best poems from that. But at least this way I’ve already started the weeding process and I get my name out there and into the publisher’s heads. At the same time I continue to submit single-poems to literary magazine and have complied chapbooks consisting of all of my religious poems and my missionary poems.


I found that the chapbooks kind of suck though, not because I think the poems are bad but because it’s hard to find a publisher who is going to take religious and/or missionary poems. Most presses I keep seeing are extremely anti-religion, or are too rigidly religious (aka it has to be upbeat or be strictly adherent to doctrine, unlike mine that challenge and threaten the religion I love at times in order to be true to my dynamic relationship with my God and Church). I’ll keep searching though. If anyone knows of any press that is up for that kind of thing by all means, let me know.


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