Moving Past the Query Stage

Just got an e-mail back from a press that I submitted Wangu Mti to (full collection of all my poems from my mission trip to Kakamega, Kenya). They say they are ‘highly interested’ in the project through sample poems and have requested that I send the full manuscript to them.

I literally just pressed the send button on that e-mail.

Now to wait and see if the full volume is to their liking.

I really hope it is. Wangu Mti means a lot to me, and I have lots of plans for it when/if it ever gets published. (Sending copies to the village I visited, donating a third of the proceeds of each sale to the SAFI organization I went there with, presenting it to the ASB group who came with me at my church etc.) It’s really the one collection of poems I have that, if I had to choose only one collection of my poems to be published ever, that I would want published the most. If things don’t work out with this press I’m going to continue tirelessly sending queries regarding it to anyone who would even be remotely interested in something like it.

At least I now now that the poems in here are good enough to at least elicit a positive first response! Baby steps, people, that’s what all writers live for!


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