PSA: Support the Arts!

It seems we hear a lot about supporting the arts and how it’s vital to our communities. But in conversations with others, it seems like while many people would love to support the arts, they aren’t quite sure how.
Why not start by supporting a local literary magazine? Many yearly subscriptions cost less than $30 a year. These magazines and presses support the ambitions of several poets and authors each issue, with many of the artists being from your own city or state. Since the economy tanked many magazines are now struggling to keep printing, and have been forced to suspend payment to their contributors, print less, or stop production altogether. Many of the wonderful people putting these magazines together work for little or no pay simply for the joy of seeing new artists showcase their work. Supporting your local magazine keeps art fresh by encouraging new poets to continue writing when their work is accepted, and those publications become the building blocks for a writing career.
Google ‘literary magazines’ in your state and you’ll find plenty of options. Subscribe to the magazine that you think is most worthy of your readership. Gift a subscription to creative loved ones who would enjoy the inspiration from other writers. Donate a subscription to your local high school, library, or coffee shop. Keep the arts alive!


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