Been Submitting Up a Storm…

So far I’ve submitted to over 10 presses with full length manuscripts and over a dozen literary journals. It’s so exhilarating to send each one of them off, even if I won’t get the answer for another couple of months. I think that’s really how I cope with the wait. I just keep submitting and I hope for the best. Yes, the chances of me getting a good amount of these published is very slim. I’m still getting a handle on my own creativity and it’s kind of all over the place. (Like right now I haven’t written a new poem in what feels like FOREVER because I’ve been really focused on finishing the first draft of a novel manuscript that makes me super happy). But then again, this isn’t all just helpless dreaming. I’m only 19 and so far I’ve have 25 poems published (or are in the works of being published) by 5 different publications. Whenever I get a rejection letter (which, lets be honest, is VERY often) I think of that and I keep positive. I’m young, I have a long way to go- if people like what I have to offer now, that’s great. But if they don’t, its just another opportunity for me to keep honing my craft.

And it helps that I have so many people supporting me. (Yes, my fifty followers, that IS a shout out to you). And that there are even people out there willing to give these great opportunities to submit to people like me. It’s very humbling.


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