I’ve finished the manuscript for Synonym Girl– out of the original 111 poems written this cycle I narrowed the selection down to 77 (I took out more this time because there was a large handful of poems that were too overtly religious for general reading. Those will go into my continuously growing stock of religious poems to be published separately either as a chapbook or full length book depending on how large it gets).

So now it’s time to start sending out to presses! Still no positive word back for To My First Love, At Midnight but several presses recently requested the full and there are others I’m still waiting to hear back from. The only way I’ll get lucky is if I continue to put myself out there, though, so here’s to showing those publishers that I’ve done a lot of growth!


5 thoughts on “Whelp

    • I think its important to keep a sprig of youth going strong in mainstream poetry circles. Too often there’s this divide between page poets being seen as only old poets and slam poems being young poets and there being no real place where the two can really interconnect. I think the world is starving for young, passionate poets who write from an instinctive meditation rather than just pure bursts of angst or over-checked abstractions. I’m just hoping I can get myself out there enough to let other people see that.

      • True! Please do! Inspire other writers to come out too!
        I am doing my own way on inspiring young gay writers to come out in public. I think you will do well with influencing others to write and read women poets and writers, and I think your religious poems are cool too!

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