So I Got Paid…

by Upper Room Ministries for the poem ‘Lord of the Dance’ which will be appearing in the March 2013 issue of devozine. And what did I do with that money? I went right on ahead and ordered a print subscription of Poets & Writers magazine. I think this is a wonderful use of my payment, especially when I’m still at the point where the times that I get paid for my poetry are far and few between. It’s not like I’m making enough for rent on my poetry, so why not devote any profits that come from it back into the industry? I can’t think of any people more worthy to invest in than the people who work so hard to keep the arts going. We poets would be almost nowhere without dedicated small presses and labors-of-love literary magazines who take a chance on our words. Why not do our part in making sure that the reading of quality, contemporary poetry, remains a huge part of our culture?

I’m beginning to think that this is going to become a thing. I got a 2-year subscription for one poem… maybe if I get paid again in the future, I can subscribe to a literary magazine or donate to duotrope? Might even end up subscribing and then donating those magazines to my university so that the other students can read from them. Keeping poetry publishing alive for the win.


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