Foreigners, You’re Welcome by Amber Koneval

A video reading of my poem ‘Foreigners, You’re Welcome’

Wageni mwakaribiswha translates to ‘Foreigners, You’re Welcome’, in case that isn’t clear.

This was one of the many poems I wrote in tribute to my mission trip to Kakamega, Kenya. I am still in contact with my ‘family’ over there. I think about them way more often than is healthy. This was written almost two years after returning stateside. I do still sing to myself in Swahili, if I’m not paying much attention to myself.


2 thoughts on “Foreigners, You’re Welcome by Amber Koneval

  1. Thank you for your continued support!
    I myself sponsor a child in Kenya named Kelvin- just one of the many ways that I keep in touch with my Kenyan family. I also get to Skype them as often as they are available, which always makes me happy and makes me full of gratitude for the wonders of the world God put me in.

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