eLectio Publishing: Why I Submitted

Many people may be wondering why I submitted to eLectio publishing. Why someone who has always been so adamant about the printed book would be so excited to have her work published as an electronic version. I have to admit, when I first saw a listing for eLectio publishing, I skimmed right on by it. I only stopped by it again when a friend pointed out that the seemingly odd name was a play on the latin ‘Lectio’ or reading (commonly used in the sense of lectio divina or divine reading) with an e in the front to denote electric. I love plays on words, especially Latin. So I checked them out, checked out their current and soon to be released publications- checked out their Facebook page and their blog. I was surprised by how impressed I was.

eLectio publishing isn’t just a publisher of Christian manuscripts. In Jesse’s own words on the Facebook page:

Of couse, we want to be a Christian publisher, but I think we also want to be a bit more than that. Yeah, of course we want to publish books that glorify God and that are wholesome in nature and adhere to a higher moral standard.

But I think there’s MORE! eLectio Publishing also needs to be about publishing works that CHALLENGE the way we think about Christianity and our faith in general.
      My first collection of religious poetry, Drunk Dialing the Divine, was always just that. Sure, it’s full of mostly despair and anger- but never an abandonment or denial of God. It’s mostly about allowing space for all emotions in our relationship with God- not just a forced happiness towards Him. Most publishers would either a) reject the manuscript for being religious or b) reject the manuscript for not being ‘pious’ enough in a falsely positive sense.
     Also on the site, Jesse does a wonderful job of explaining how the e-book process works- I didn’t know you could download as an HTML file or as a PDF!- and essentially took away my fears about submitting to an e-book publisher. Sure, somewhere down the road I might turn it in to get a few copies printed hard-bound, but for now I’m beyond happy to be a part of eLectio publishing’s mission.
      IF you want to see more of the great work eLectio is producing, and help support a new Christian publishing company, go ahead and visit them at their website

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