Working On a New Manuscript!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of different acquisition notices without stop lately (which, don’t get me wrong- I’m pleased as punch about it) and I figured that it would be a good idea for me to give everyone a quick little update on what I’ve been working on. So more of the ‘in-progress’ to show you what’s going on behind the ‘already finished’.

In the wake of Drunk Dialing the Divine‘s release, I have begun working on compiling my second collection of religious poetry, tentatively titled Shattered Deity: Struggling to See God in All Things. This second collection will be a collection of all of the religious poetry that I have written a) after the compiling of the first collection and b) that might be illuminating a religious concept, but not specifically naming it. The second collection will be either equal in length or larger than the first.

I am also working on a collection of poetry through my Vocation and the Meaning of Life class that will all be written in response to or in reflection of scholarly discussions of vocation in both the Protestant and Catholic traditions. No idea what I will be titling that one, as I’ve only written four or five poems for that collection so far, but I will be working on submitting the poems from this collection singly for some time before getting it compiled as an official collection. It will be ‘finished’ by the time  that my final exam for the class is due, however I will probably not submit it for publishing for awhile after submitting Shattered Deity to publishers (which will not be until after Drunk Dialing is out fully).

I’m still looking for a publisher for Mti Wangu, my poems from my mission in Kenya (about 40 poems).

I’m going through and re-editing To My First Love, At Midnight, as well as Synonym Girl  (my more secular/mundane/social poetry) and might end up ripping both of them up and re-assembling them as one manuscript (which would also be titled Synonym Girl as it is my favorite of the two titles). I also may just end up editing the poems included in the collections and keep them separate  Depends on how I feel when I read through them again, now that I’m far enough out of the original assembly.


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