Speed Demons!

Not to piggyback on that last post or anything, but I just got word from my editor, Jesse, this morning that the release date for Drunk Dialing the Divine is being moved up! Which means that the world will soon be exposed to my poetry in little over a week (can you tell I’m an optimistic person?).

While this is extremely exciting, this is also becoming a tad stressful. Things that we had until the end of the month to do initial we now have around-ish seven days. Is it a bit daunting? You bet it is. Can we do it? Heck yes we can. With my can-do attitude and Jesse’s genius you bet this book release is going to be nothing less than sweet and miraculous!

So prepare for a ‘cover reveal’ post as soon as that puppy gets settled on. Normally, I’d have a bit more of a drum-roll set up for this but I’m not complaining! Also, I will be putting together a video reading of ‘Drunk Dialing the Divine’ (the poem, not the full collection), to be released at the same time as the e-book online.

I hope I’ll still be worthy of all of your support by the end of this! My thanks goes out to all of the people who have been following my blog since my first publication, to all of the journals and editors who have taken a chance on my art, and the biggest thanks to eLectio publishing and the eLectio family- as well as my flesh-and-blood family, without whom there would be no words for me to write.


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