One More Day!: Covers, Part Deux

So after a chat with Jesse, I realized that what I really wanted people to focus on when reading the story wasn’t any kind of drunken messiness. I wanted people to really connect to the attempts at communication, both successful and wildly failed, that are showcased in the collection.

Jesse suggested focusing on the image of a phone cord. This next batch of covers came out of my thinking on that- though these failed in the opposite way that the first ones did. Though pleasing to the eye, they fail to hint at the griminess of some of the anger that is apparent in Drunk Dialing the Divine by glossing it over, which was in fact the kind of attitude that the collection was fighting against. So here again, some fun covers that didn’t make the final cut. (Though as you can tell, I had pretty much decided what kind of a font I was going to use).





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