Spring 2013!

  It’s the beginning of a new semester, and a daunting one at that. With January comes my first semester as a senior; which means, above other things, applying for graduation and getting to work seriously on my Honors thesis due in December. It’s also the semester that my first fiction novel is due to be published, several journals that have acquired my work will be published, and a semester in which I try to find a publisher for Mti Wangu (currently being considered by three publishers, just playing the waiting game at the moment) and do some serious reconstructive work on Synonym Girl while compiling my second, larger religious collection, The Shattered Deity: Struggling to Find God in All Things. On top of that, I recently accepted a third job as the online editor for my university’s newspaper, The Highlander, and will resume going to daily mass in addition to Sacristan-ing Sundays. I also made a resolution this year to be more active in the poetic community- including, but not limited to offering workshops in the community (scheduling one with the Denver Housing Authority for their mid-rises for the elderly and disabled as we speak!) and posting on poetic forums with more regularity, while finding better ways for my school’s poetry group to integrate themselves in the world. 


Looking this over…. Who could ever say I’m not serious about this? Whoo boy, this is going to be fun. 


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