Proof that I Have Delved So Far Into Writer-dom That There is No Return….

I began a class today called Multimedia Writing (which I am extremely excited for!) and instead of focusing on the class itself, I focused on how I could use the classwork to further my career. We get to do three self-planned projects for the semester, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be doing projects for writing- perhaps video adverts for my novel or improvements to my blog/websites.

I’ve already begun improving the ‘website’ portion- I’m moving my ‘front page’ website from Wix to Webs, due to the Webs websites being a cleaner set up for what I want to do with the website, and it’s easier to connect the website and this blog through Webs. As soon as I finish transferring servers, I will put up a link to it here (there’s already a link to here on there!) and you all can tell me what you think!


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