It seems like I hardly get the time to post anymore, but I guess that’s the price of being busy busy! As it is, I’m even writing this blog post in the couple of minutes of free time that I have before class.

With the launch of my first novel looming ever more quickly before me, I will admit that I have been devoting most of my time to making sure that that goes smoothly. Scheduling a blog tour, having meetings with bookstores interested in carrying the book and getting everything finally to print takes a lot out of you! If you want more on that, visit my fiction website. 

I’m also singing one of the leads in my university’s musical (Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, I’m a Narrator), finally digging into the first draft of my Honors thesis, keeping up on all my schoolwork and editing the online edition of Regis’ Highlander. Also on my list of things to do this week- redying my hair. My roots are beginning to show again! This should be an adventure.

On the poetry front, I performed at the Regis Open Mic last Friday with ‘To Walt Disney, From Ariel’, ‘Word Sexual’ and ‘My Grandfather is Dying’. This Friday I will be presenting in the poetry section of the Metro State University English Undergrad Conference in downtown Denver with selections from ‘Drunk Dialing the Divine’- so I should be posting pictures and a reflection about that fairly soon. I’ve finally caught up in typing up all of the poems that I’ve written up to this point, I’m still waiting on responses from a couple of houses regarding Mti Wangu and now that my Spring Break is only two weeks away, I will finally have time to piece together my second collection of religious poetry (a full-length one, this time), tentatively titled The Shattered Deity: Struggling to Discover God in All Things. I’ve already gone through and stripped my first draft of Synonym Girl of all of the extraneous poems, but I still need to find my print MS of To My First Love, at Midnight to rip that apart and take out the good bits, as well as add in some of my new work and see where I am standing with my more secular collections. It’s looking like the collection will encompass the entirety of my college experience, rather than a year-by-year deal as I thought in the beginning. A better opportunity for the best I can come up with, I think!

Alright, it’s finally time for class. I promise, as soon as the novel is out in the world I will turn my attention back to poetry for a good long while. I’ve missed it too much!


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