Oh Man, Oh Man

It feels like life is going three hundred miles an hour, nowadays. I just planned out my last semester of college (only fifteen credits, yahoo!), I’ve got a musical to perform in (as a lead) in two weeks, and I only have about a month left of school for this semester. In that time, I’ve been dealing with a novel release under my fiction name, writing my thesis, writing short stories, and getting ready to become a nanny for the summer.

It’s times like these that I need poetry the most, but find myself feeling ‘too busy’ to pick up a pen. I’m barely able to get enough time to practice for my next reading, let alone crank out new work. Part of me doesn’t like that I’ve begun to view writing as ‘work’. Fortunately, that mindset only tends to last until I actually do pick up the pen and get to writing. It’s funny that the one thing that I think will add on more stress to my life ends up taking it all away.

So even though I’m exceedingly busy, be rest assured that I’m still writing. I may not be submitting at the superhuman volumes that I was used to doing, but I have at least refused to come to a stand-still. Once I get a little break, I’ll get back into the swing to things. After all, Drunk Dialing was always meant to only be an introduction to my journey. There’s lots more to be shared and to be experienced. I promise I haven’t forgotten, and that there is no way that I’m going to let my poetry slide just because of a little thing like lacking time.

What do you do when you’re stressed out and can’t find time to do the things you love?


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