Acquisition Notice: St. Austin’s Review

Now, I don’t want to play favorites or anything but I am super excited to finally have my work being published through a Catholic journal. There’s a lot of times when I don’t feel I can submit certain pieces, or I have certain pieces rejected, from mainstream Protestant Christian publications because the imagery used in said pieces are ‘too Catholic’. Considering that ‘Catholic’ is my own main tradition, and influences me in pretty much everything, this has been rather limiting. Not that I am not extremely grateful to the mainstream Christian publications that have picked up my work- I’m come to realize that it is exceedingly difficult being a modern Christian poet (most every publication not specifically Christian have their one ‘don’t take’ caveat as ‘cannot be a religious poem’ and many Christian publications have very strict guidelines as to what can/cannot go into their publications, subject-wise, rhyming-wise, what specific tenants of doctrine may or may not be mentioned, etc.) So to those who do take a chance on my work, I am exceedingly grateful.

So with that in mind, I’m extremely proud to announce that five of my poems have been picked for inclusion in future print issues of the St. Austin’s Review. I don’t have a set schedule for when they will be published, but I will be keeping everyone updated on that because I AM JUST SO EXCITED. The poems are ‘Our Lady of the Advent’ and ‘Salve Regina’, both of which take a poetic look at the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen prayers, ‘The Fall’, ‘Replacing the Tabernacle Candle’ and ‘At the Vigil’.

I will post more about this publication as I get to know about it, but for now, don’t mind me- I’m just having convulsing fits of joy over in the corner.


2 thoughts on “Acquisition Notice: St. Austin’s Review

    • Thank you, Elora! I’m getting close to seventy poems published in journals/magazines altogether- I’m hoping to reach over a hundred in the next couple of years!

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