What I’ve Been Up To

With my personal laptop being down for the count, to me it seems like lately I’ve had to fight to get enough time to work on my writing. It’s funny to recognize how much writing has become work to me- I’ve become nearly addicted to networking, graphic designing, editing and compiling. Every waking moment is dedicated more to figuring out how to improve my next work, or bringing back-burner projects to the public in fresh, new ways. On the one hand, it’s stressful- being a writer in a day and age where publishing can be had with a fistful of cash, fighting to remain relevant and yet still true to oneself, doing promotion writing and work that were never even dreamed of when I decided I wanted to be a writer… it’s hard. On the other, it’s stress relieving- I wake up every morning with a strong sense of purpose, a list of tasks to be done, and firm goals in mind. A lot of my peers have expressed horror and depression at not having the same drive, especially as we are currently in the thick of graduation season. If I could have a nickel for every ‘what now?’ status I’ve read in the past month, I could quit my day-job and write full time. So for that, at least, I am very grateful. Without my writing, I literally would not know what do so with myself besides surviving.

That being said, it is nice every once and awhile to acknowledge the other things that I’ve been doing. You know, the whole having-a-life-outside-of-writing thing that even I forget ninety percent of the time? Like going to movies with old friends (The new Star Trek was alright, I felt like the humor kept hitting at the wrong times) and shopping with my housemate once a week.

Tanning has been coming along smoothly, which is good news.Fun fact: I’m allergic to sunscreen. Last summer, I didn’t get the opportunity to build up a base tan before June because I started working in an office mid-may every day, and ended up essentially confined to my house for the rest of the summer (or to wait to go to the pool until late nights, brrr) because I would burn so badly. What with starting my nannying job in June this year, I don’t really have the option of not going outside- it would be unfair to the girls I’m watching to make them stay in the shade ninety percent of the time for my sake- so with this tan I’m hoping to go back to my old cycle of protecting myself from the sun with slightly pre-baked skin.

Since I’m back at my parents’ house for the entirety of May (so that my younger siblings can have at least a month of being able to use the little Civic we share liberally), I’m also closer to where my boyfriend lives. I’ve been trying to spend as much time with him as humanly possible, since during the rest of our eight-month relationship we’ve only been able to see each other one day a week, if that. So far, that’s been awesome.  I really do enjoy his company, and the opportunity to hang out more with his family has been great as well. Together we’ve been going to a couple big events with our friends, too, like the first couple of summer BBQs that have been happening (I love those, by the way), as well as his school’s awesome rendition of Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Denver Performing Arts production of Sense & Sensibility:  The Musical (Love Austen!). Today, we’re gonna kick back and play Injustice: Gods Among Us, which I’ve wanted to try out since the first concept art was even released.

Other than that, I’ve just been soaking up this time that I have with my family. When I’m not out, I’m usually watching soap operas with my mom or visiting my grandmother or bugging my little siblings endlessly. It has been wonderful being able to go to Mass with my family again- I love working as a Sacristan up at my school, but it’s also nice to sit down in the pews and receive the experience of church without all the anxiety of having to make sure that it goes as planned, as well as being able to sit surrounded by those I love most (instead of by myself, in the back, ready to spring up if anything goes wrong or someone needs help).

So until I get a replacement for my old computer and have the capability to really grind down to work again, I’m going to be focusing on that. Once I do get the replacement, however, the first thing I’m going to be doing is getting all of my posts for the June Book Blog Tour set up and ready to go! Remember, if you’re interested in being a blog tour host for the month of June, e-mail me at amberkoneval@gmail.com. So far, I’m slated to be writing a couple of great blog posts on what poetry means for me to express my faith, my impressions of Paradise Lost, a couple of exclusive never-before-published poems, and maybe even some new video/audio readings (and don’t forget, at least one giveaway!) Definitely stay tuned for that.


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