48 Hour Film Fest Denver 2013


This year, I had the privilege of trying something new- some friends of mine at Liquid Luck Productions in Denver asked me to be part of their team as a writer in the 48 Hour Film Festival. As I write mostly poetry and fiction, I was honored that they would even consider me as a potential asset to their team. As it was, when I entered Friday into the writing process, I quickly became aware of a lot of the differences between my natural modes of writing, and screenplay writing- from format, to purpose, to execution. I had a ton of fun being a part of this process this past weekend. I learned a lot about the film-making process, as well as learning how much I really don’t know about it and how much I would like to know about it. Working with Liquid Luck was an excellent way to really jump into that- they really made me feel like a valuable part of the team and weren’t afraid to put me to work right away. I think I’ll be sticking with my own writing for the most part, but I wouldn’t mind working with a company like them again for fun things like this!

As a writer, I think it’s always important to honestly challenge yourself, to push the limits of where your creativity can go. For me, that was being willing and able to sit down with a group of other writers and collaborate in a medium that I myself am not too entirely experienced in. It was exciting, frustrating, exhilarating and maddening all at once. I’m really quite grateful for being given this opportunity to grow in my own skillset, as well as my capability to truly admire the skillset of other kinds of writers and creative types.

If you happen to be in Denver this month, you should consider catching the upcoming premiere of the 48 Hour Film Project on August 11th at the Oriental Theatre. As the date gets closer, I’ll post again to let you all know which time slot Liquid Luck’s film will be premiering at. I hope to meet you all there!

(And yes, that is a picture of me crashed out halfway through the shooting day. Next time I do something like this, I really need to work on my stamina!)


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