100 (Blog) Followers!

Whoo hoo! I’ve now reached 100 blog followers (and well over two hundred posts!). It might not seem like much, but it’s a far cry from the several dozen I had this time last year! I really am grateful for each and every supporter that I have, no matter if its in the form of getting my poetry collection or simply tuning in to read what I’ve posted online for the day. It keeps me going on the days when I feel like I’m not doing anything important or relevant with my writing, and helps me strive to continue making more of a difference with my work!

To that end, I will confess that I have not written much new poetry in the past couple of weeks. My new nanny job prevents me from attending my university’s weekly poetry meeting, which used to keep me well on top of things with its new and exciting prompts. Additionally, most of my creative free time has been taken by either a) editing my undergraduate thesis or b) continuing with more of my fiction projects. Even in my lag time, however, I keep writing- I’ve posted two or three recently in the feedback forum that I edit them in- so don’t think I’ve given up! Everyone goes through their periods of lag- heck, my down time in writing fiction lasted from middle school to now! I won’t ever be able to give up poetry, but I won’t always be on fire for it either. Hopefully soon, though, I’ll catch a little blaze!


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