What Would You Prefer?

I’ve slowed down a bit in the poetry department, that much is true- but I want to make sure that I’m not neglecting this part of my writing career in anyway. I might have been submitting more of my short stories lately than verses, (and I just wrote my first new poem since mid-September in my third class today), but poetry is still the closest writing form to my heart.

So I’m turning to you, my community, friends, and fans. Give me something to give you- would you prefer to see a video reading of something published? A graphic of one of my published poems? A new, unpublished poem just for this blog? Would you like a new poem about faith, or one about my life? I have a couple ideas of what I would like to do- but I find that sometimes, the best inspiration comes from humbling oneself and letting others take the reins. So give it a try- comment on this post or on my Facebook and let me know what you would like to see. (I would even entertain the notion of writing an entirely new poem based off a given prompt!) Don’t forget to have fun with it! Depending on what kind of requests I get, I will do my best to do all of the ones that I can manage.


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