Pre-Order Alert: Freedom Verse

Freedom Verse: Patriotic Poetry in Celebration of the American Spirit is now available for pre-order for $10! I have two poems included in this anthology- ‘Fort Hood’ and ‘Independence Day’.

A cool initiative by this specific publication is the commitment to get the anthology in the hands of the vets and active duty soldiers that the anthology honors, commemorates, and supports. You can either donate to the cause, or select an option in which you buy one copy for yourself, and one for vets. You can even include a ‘thank you’ to a vet or active duty soldier in your donation!


Here’s a little blurb about the anthology:

 50 Poets put work into this anthology focusing on true patriotism in remembering the founding values of a nation.

The poetry in this volume is not blindly patriotic, but instead focuses on America not the country, but the philosophy. The idea that freedom is something worth fighting for, both abroad and domestically, and that an “American” is not simply someone born on American soil, but an individual who stands up for their own rights and the rights of others.

Nothing ever moved forward to bigger and better things by focusing on the negative. It is by looking at the positive, believing in the great things that have been and can be accomplished and looking forward to how we will all shape a bigger and brighter future that we honor the vision that the founding fathers put forth when they gave the world the opportunity to experience the pursuit of happiness. Freedom Verse hopes that its poetry will inspire and empower its readers so that they might know that great things are still being done.
Can’t wait to get my copy!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Order Alert: Freedom Verse

    • Thanks! I wrote both of my poems in honor of my sister, who is Air Force, so it means a lot to me how they are trying to get the anthology donated to service men and women, both vets and active duty!

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