2014 Resolutions!

2013 was a huge year for me, but I can’t just stop at what I accomplished last year. 2014 is going to be my year of renewed commitment to my craft- to getting better, writing more, and pushing forward. So, in honor of that, I’ve thought up some New Year’s Resolutions that I think will keep me on track.

1) Blog no less than twice a month here on the Amber of the Moment.

2) Be more active on my social media sites-Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn,- becoming more active in the author-reader community online.

3) Attend more open mics in my local community (goal:once a month ). I had been doing that for awhile, attending some really awesome open mics at the Tattered Cover and local coffee shops, but in the hecticness of graduating I kind of let that go by the wayside. I want to be more active in my physical, local community as I am trying to be more active online.

4) Learn Irish Gaelic, getting to at least a beginner’s level by the end of the year if not farther. More on how that’s at all relevant to my poetry in the next ‘Things I Do to Stay Sane’.

5) Find publishers for my two completed manuscripts, The Shattered Deity (religious poetry, waiting for some of the poems to be published before I can submit it) and The Stickiest of Honey (coming-of-age-through love poetry).

6) Take care of myself, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Can’t be the writer I want to be without being a good person, and can’t do that if I neglect my self-care.

7) Read and review more poetry collections. I have a couple that I need to purchase so I can read them, but if any of my readers have review copies that they’d like me to have a go at I would be more than happy to accept review copies for poetry collections for the time being. I’ll be posting reviews to both Amazon and my Goodreads account.

Here’s to a good year!


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