Update: February Progresses

I’m beginning to find that not being enrolled in classes has severely thrown off my writing groove. What time I allot for writing usually goes wholly to my fiction work (which I’ve been making some pretty great strides in), and there’s not much room for the spontaneity in sitting and writing that I used to get during lectures. Most of the time I either forget to bring my poetry book with me when inspiration does hit, or I’ve so been stuck into my routine of work-working out-writing-reading that I don’t feel like I’ve much new material to write about. Reading new poetry has been helping, but I still feel like I need more of a kick in the pants. So I’ve decided that I’m going to go back through old archives, things I wrote back in high school, and start some dissection work. Strip old work down to its bones and build from there. Not promising anything major from that, but it at least might help me put together a bit of new material. Though its not like I’ve completely dried up- I’ve written a handful of new things here and there, some of which I’ve already submitted out to various journals- but things are particularly slow on the poetry end.

Still working through submitting my collection of love poetry out to different houses, which is a long wait in and of itself, and waiting for a lot of my current religious poetry to be published through the venues that have acquired some of the single poems before I can submit out my current waiting manuscript of poetry, The Shattered Deity: The Struggle to Find God in All Things. So on the submission and publication front, I’m playing a long waiting game that will just off the bat have a lot less payout than normal.

To make up for that, I’ve been going around revamping all of my different social networking sites, including my Myspace, my Poets & Writers profile, my LinkedIn, etc. Making sure everything is entirely up to date, basically. I’ve also decided that I’m going to make it a personal project to go through old print journals and scan in some of my published poetry, start the process of posting some of my already-established work online in order to spread it about further. I’m most excited about that part, honestly, as it’s looking like it will be the most fun!

Hopefully these little tasks will help rejuvenate my muse for poetry writing again, as much as doing little things like this has immensely helped with keeping me on point over in the fiction arena!

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