Lent 2015

As of last Wednesday, my fellow Roman Catholics and I have entered the season of Lent. As with my New Year’s Resolutions, I like to publicly post my ‘Lenten Resolutions’, in order to hold myself to a higher standard of accountability, as well as enhancing my solidarity with other Catholics going through similar experiences.

So my Lenten Resolutions for this year:

1) Veiling at Sunday mass. I did this last year, and it was a fruitful experience. I may end up continuing this as a Lenten tradition forever. We will see after this Lenten season if it continues to be fruitful, or if my own experience of it will stagnate this time around.

2) Avoiding any and all fast food. I will only allow myself two restaurant visits, and only if it is to celebrate someone else’s achievement or a holiday.

3) Praying a rosary when I do my forty-five minute walks at work. Furthermore, I will offer all of these ‘extra’ rosaries (I currently pray one a week) in thanksgiving, rather than in petition. The goal this Lent will be to cultivate in myself a stronger sense of gratitude, which will hopefully encourage a truer peace and contentment in my own life, and combat those moments of feeling inept and overwhelmed by the bad things in my life/the world so that I can be more joyfully productive and contributive.

If you celebrate Lent: what are you giving up this year? If you do not: what would you give up/ do differently for forty days in order to renew your life this year?


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