Updates: A Bit Frazzled

So we’re only five months in to the year and I’m already falling behind a bit on my blogging schedule. I would first like to apologize for that. I have unfortunately been full up to my ears with schedule changes and life shocks. Just this week I had a graduation, a funeral, a giant family crawfish bake and attended a comic-convention at the last minute. At work, my normal rhythm has been interrupted by changes in schedule as well as the boys I nanny now being out for the summer.

It’s a good lesson for me to learn. Sometimes you set schedules, and then life happens. At the moment, I have dealt with that fairly poorly. I have let something important, my writing, fall by the wayside just because I have become busy, instead of juggling my time in a more efficient manner. I have done plenty of self-care in the past weeks, and hopefully will be able to hold myself to a better standard in the months to come. Life won’t always work by my schedule, and I need to learn how to better handle that while making sure that I don’t give up things that are important, hoping that my good will will be enough.

Look forward to regularly planned blogs coming back again for the rest of the year. Thank you for being patient with me!

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